Parker Ito, A Lil Taste of Cheeto in the Night

We had dinner with an avid art collector the other night.  He took us to see an installation of Parker Ito‘s work that is supported by the Chateau Shatto before dinner.  This particular exhibit is a singular installation in an empty space.  He called the installation A Lil Taste of Cheeto in the Night.

parkerito1Not sure how to describe this installation.  It is essentially like being in an artists mind.  The installation is only 70% done as there are cell phone tree towers and painted floors en route.  Parker also comes daily to change it up.  The mind is always moving.

parkerito2On one hand it is quite an undertaking.  On the other hand it is someone who is trying to figure out exactly what he is trying to create.  The exhibit should be sold as a unit but they are actually selling it off in pieces.  Not sure why but obviously the artist gave them the nod to do that.

parkerito3The pictures don’t do the installation justice.  It is just a huge work in motion.  The paintings are double sided.  Painted on one side and then a small frame set inside the painting in the back with a completely different theme.  There are lights strung everywhere.  Strips of carpets abound.  Pottery painted and randomly placed.  Even singular shoes thrown in locations.

parkerito5All and all quite a lot of take in.  If you are in downtown LA, absolutely worth checking it out.






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    this is at chateau shatto. it has nothing to do with luce.

    1. Gotham Gal

      My bad

  2. Cecelia Feld

    Definitely not of the “less is more” approach. Too much random stuff.

  3. LE

    Seriously though from the pictures let’s call a spade a spade. This is arbitrary stuff that you could probably get a large group of random people, of all ages, to do.I think art like this is the ultimate “assumption of legitimacy”. Someone blesses it (in your case you had an “avid art collector” who you must respect) gave the artist a halo. In other cases, it’s a critic that blesses something and makes it special.This is all part of the “art industrial complex”.I mean at least with food most people can agree on the taste as being appealing or not.…Note: My sister was an artist and studied in Rome and I’ve had many artists who have worked for me. I was also able years ago to convince an artist (who exhibits at galleries in NYC) that there was art in industrial commerical shelving by pointing out certain features and attributes. But then again I am a good salesman and besides it is art if you look at it the right way I wasn’t kidding or pulling her leg.

    1. Gotham Gal

      I read that when it came out. Really interesting. Kind of brilliant.

      1. LE

        Before reading the article last year I had walked by his gallery in Las Vegas. And I thought immediately “this guy is a player”.They do a similar shtick on cruise ships with art. It’s really funny to see people who actually believe that that type of art goes up in value. Or that actually just believe what people tell them maybe that’s a better way to put it. [1]One thing that I lack as a result of being raised by parents that held my feet to the flame so much is being able to see how gullible some people really are (and make money that way). That’s why I have this theory that behind every con man (and many successful business people) are actually simple parents. In other words your view of the world is different if you are able to, at an early age, get one over on your parents on a repeated basis and never be questioned.[1] As a kid when I went with my dad to buy cars and the dealer said “the price is only good today” my dad would tell me “he will sell it to me for that price on Monday, don’t worry…”