imgresFred met with UCode when we were in LA.  He asked me if I wanted to go check it out and so we did.  We showed up in Hermosa Beach on afternoon to watch the company in action.  It was wonderful to see.

One of the things we care most about is the importance of STEM for the next generation. Everything is changing because of technology.  The curriculum in most schools are still set in the past.  Public education is a huge machine and trying to get it up to speed of how to educate the next generation of students is like turning around a cruise ship.  Change must come from outside.

UCode is an after school program started by Scott Mueller who is passionate about teaching kids to code through games, robots, apps and programs like Scratch.  To watch these kids come in and get on the computer and build out fun stuff is inspiring.  They are learning the tools that they will need for their future.  It doesn’t mean that they will all become coders but even if you become a fashion designer you need to understand the software that will help you create patterns, even if you become a farmer you will have to understand the technology that will be used to make your farm more efficient, even if you become a food brand you will have to understand how to build a site and sell your products online.

Technology is the foundation of the future.  It will part of absolutely everything.  These schools are part of a few communities right now but the hope is that they grow to the point where they are the Starbucks or the Chipotle for kids to go to after school to learn the beauty of coding.  The prime age is about 6-11 before the sport teams begin.

Did we invest?  Absolutely.  I am seriously excited about UCode.