Picasso Mania…and a few galleries

artistsAt the Grand Palais there is an exhibit called Picasso Mania.  It is fantastic.  Many pieces from Picasso but what is more interesting is the work of contemporary artists work with their nod to Picasso.  The first room is videos of artists talking about the impact Picasso made on them as artists.  Frank Gehry said “if you are not going to be like someone else then you have to go with your gut intuition”.  Sarah Sze spoke about the constant construction and deconstruction of Picasso’s work through out his life.

picassophotoThis is a portrait by Jean-Olivier Hucleux, 1987.

picassopaintingPicasso by Zeng Ganzhi, 2011.

hockneyLoved this place by David Hockney.  Multiple photos cut together to create this piece of Place Furstenberg.

warholAndy Warhol, 1985, Head of Picasso.

lichensteinRoy Lichenstein, Brushwork Head of the pop-art time of Picasso’s work.

picassowallMassive wall of Picasso’s.

basquaitnJean-Michel Basquiat, 1984.

I could have taken more photos but instead I bought the book.  A really wonderfully curated exhibit.

animalsWe shot over to the Marais on the Metro where there are loads of galleries.  This was at Daniel Templeton, Jitish Kallat.

sex:techSaw this piece in the window of Galerie Yvon Lambert.

blackThese pieces by Pierre Soulange.  He is 92 and still going strong.

pierreHe is known as the painter of black.  His work is incredible.  At Galerie Karsten Greve.

vealLunch was once again at the Broken Arm.  So good there.  Veal carpaccio with slices of radish, roasted tomatoes, sunchokes and a hazelnut pesto.

chocolatethinkerWalked by the Patrick Roger store.  Always incredible chocolate sculptures in there.  This is the Thinker, Rodin.

dogsDinner was at Aux Pres…not memorable.  The best thing was the dog salt/peppers on every table.

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  1. Sofia Papastamelos

    Picasso. What a master. Looks like an unbelievable exhibit!

    1. Gotham Gal

      so good. it should go on the road.