Big companies…are they thinking about change?

imgresThe last decade has been all about the start-up.  Kids graduating from college want to go work in them and they want to start their own.  Some of these companies have become quite large and I can’t help but wonder at what point does their marketshare grow to a point where the companies of old die and the new ones take its place.  Perhaps I am ahead of myself here but what is clear is that big companies need to change their cultures.

There seems to be a desire of large companies to make those cultural changes which is a good thing.  The data points to that most employees are unhappy.  Catchafire has begun to work with large companies to create opportunities for employees to give back and feel like they are making a difference vs sitting behind a desk every day.  Being socially responsible is a big point for millennials and the kids graduating from college now.  How do these big companies fill the desire of their employees for creativity, social responsibility and above all else flexibility in their lives for themselves and their families.  There are companies helping big corporations think about this including HR arms giving employees access to coaches.  Start-ups have been able to do that because they are agile and large companies are not.  It is not easy turning around a big cruise ship but the time is now.

The next decade we will see a big shift in the start-up culture.  Perhaps less opportunities and small companies with a need for less employees.  Small companies will grow into big companies and will hopefully not change the culture they build the company on.  People need to bring a paycheck home.  Thinking about how to create happy cultures in large corporations should be the number one on the agenda in the year to come.