Look by Plant Love House

barOur resident expert in Thai food told us that this place was legit.  Our friends met us out at Look by Plant Love House to check it out.  They just got their liquor license which is a bonus but we brought our own and they charged us a $20 corking fee which is great.  Also, cash only and no reservations so keep that in mind.  We got there around 7pm on Saturday night and it took about 30 minutes before we got seated.  The word is out.

wingsThai spicy wings.  I am a sucker for a good chicken wing

larmooLarb Moo.  Spicy minced pork salad with red onions, cilantro and roasted rice powder.

watercrssCrispy watercress salad with chili lime sauce, shrimps, minced pork, crispy shallots, cilantro and peanuts  Certainly not kosher.  This salad is off the charts.  Deep fried crispy watercress mixed with a combo of textures and flavors.  I could have been happy not to share this one.

porkbellySuper crispy little bites of pork belly that was almost like eating bacon mixed with onions, string beans and green peppers.  Yum.

fishDeep fried red snapper covered with kaffir lime leaves, shallots, mint, cashew, chilies and lime juice.  It is a signature of the place but probably not top of my list.

curryGreen chicken curry served with eggplants, rice noodles and salted duck eggs.

padthaiWe ate Pad Thai every night when we were in Thailand years ago.  Fred and I did something similar when we were in Spain years ago and we had boquerones at lunch and dinner every day. Gives you a good over all perspective on the “best”.  This Pad Thai was excellent.  The noodles, the spices, the flavors, all of it.  A huge winner.

porkballsTiny grilled pork balls that tasted like shots of bbq pork.

porkbarbbqSlow cooked pork that had a sweet bbq taste to it.  We had all hit the wall by then but I should have brought it home.  Put this on a crispy bun with shredded carrots, cilantro and a Thai sauce would be fantastic.

tumblr_o661pmF5eo1qbpklto1_500I took dessert to go.  Sticky coconut rice with mangos. This photo is from Emily when she went.  One of my faves.  This one is a winner.  Great spot.  Excellent food.  It might appear to be a neighborhood spot in Prospect Heights but there is incredible food coming out of that kitchen.

Comments (Archived):

  1. Brandon Burns

    Blocks from my new apartment in Crown Heights! Very excited to try!

  2. Pranay Srinivasan

    wow I wanna go here!!

    1. Gotham Gal

      So good

  3. Inna Raykhman

    there is a small balinese place in greenpoint, called Salamat Pagi, by the people behind Van Leeuven ice cream. they have excellent wings. the rest of the food is pretty good also )

  4. Laurel Watts

    I need to eat all of that right now! Great steer – will check it out next week!