First 7 jobs

imgresFred asked this question last week.  I didn’t chime in on the comments but thought I’d share my first 7 jobs.

#1 – Ran the back office for the Montgomery County Recreation Department while coaching soccer, basketball, flag-football and other sports for kids from elementary to junior high school in afternoon activities.

#2 – Worked evenings part-time at a plant store

#3 – Taught guitar lessons to kids

#4 – Summer camp counselor – Archery Head

#5 – Summer job at Neiman-Marcus in DC as a floater

#6 – Bolt Berneck and Newman in the security department giving out documents to engineers and keeping the place organized

#7 – General Dynamics, grounds crew for the summer

There were a few other ones in there to put some cash in my pockets such as a short stint washes dishes in college dining room but these were the highlights.  First 4 were in high school.  What a foundation for my career!