Red wine

Red wine was my favorite until I found myself up at 2 in the morning.  There is no question (doing my own personal survey here) that alcohol and sleep is tougher as you get older.  For me, red wine is the worst.  I just don’t drink it that often anymore and when I do it is a one glass treat.

ullo-02Over the past year there have been a few red wine remedies for these problems.  I backed one them on Kickstarter.  One is called Ullo – the Wine Purifier.  I received it a few weeks ago and left it in the city to try when we return.  This removes sulfites and supposedly brings wine back to its natural state, preservative-free to enjoy.

thewandThe other is called The Wand.  Not sure how this came across my box but I received it and took it out to the beach to try.  Supposedly the issue with sulfites has been happening for thousands of years so good to know.

swirlingYou take the wand and stir it into 6 ounces of wine (silly to do less because then you would need another wand).  You have to mix the wand in the wine for at least 3 minutes.  I timed it.  That’s pretty long when you are poured and ready to go.

I am not sure what it is in the pouch that is on the end of the wand but we did a taste test.  It definitely makes the wine taste lighter and Fred swore the wine had a hint of chemicals in it.  Did it work?  I honestly didn’t drink that much so I can’t tell you but I am going to try out the Ullo when I get back.

Somehow the concept of pouring the wine through a purifier than stirring something into 6 ounces for 3 minutes seems more desirable.