Extending summer in Hudson NY

Fred and I were supposed to go see our friends in Martha’s Vineyard but due to the storm last week we had to cancel. We had blocked out the time so why not extend that summer frame of mind for a few more days?  We took a short road trip to Hudson NY.

In 1820, Hudson was the fourth largest city in NY.  The city was built on a grid model and at one point lost being the capital of NY by one lone vote.  The town has great bones and over the past two decades has really come back.  The city has a bit of the Brooklyn vibe.  Artists, antique shops, local shop owners and a handful of restaurants.  The majority of commerce runs down Warren Street in the middle of the town.  It is a long street.

wendellsuiteWe drove up mid-morning on Wednesday and stayed at Wm. Farmer and Sons for one night.  I booked the Lee Wendell Suite.

lunchperchOur first stop was lunch.  We sat in the backyard of Cafe Le Perche for a few salads.  Simple with fresh ingredients.  Then we began our stroll.

We soon discovered that most of the locals close shop Tues/Wed and some on Thursday because the busy times are over the weekend so they use the week as their weekend.  It was fine.  We saw plenty.  It was always insanely hot so less was best.

cheeseshopWe checked out the local cheese shop.  Talbot & Arding Cheese Provisions.  They make a lot of their own products from jam to candies.

orrOr is another restaurant/bar off the main drag which has a small shop attached including a gallery.

operahouseThe Opera House is in the midst of a major renovation.  There is a gallery still open on the ground floor.

homeWe also walked into a few home stores.

motocoffeeMoto Coffee was an essential stop.  Lots of old motorcycles in there including well worn helmuts as the background for what the place is really about….coffee.  Note to return the next morning.

alpinsWe wandering into Hudson Wine Merchants.  A fantastic store.  What drew us in were all the local alcohols in the window.  Then we noticed how the liquors were stacked up like a bar behind the register.  Tons of wine and a wine room as well.  We walked out and then it hit me, I knew this shop.  We have been ordering wine from the owner, Michael Albin, thru an introduction, for literally years.  He delivers to the city at least once a week.  We walked back in and introduced ourselves.  Never met face to face.  It was one of the highlights of the trip.  We got a full on tour of his building.

hudsonshrubWe also met Michaels wife, Marianne Courville, who is the founder of The Hudson Standard Shrub…coming soon to a store near you.

scultpureAnother treat was the John Davis Gallery.  He was closed but the door was open so we walked in.  He could not have been nicer.  He gave us a full on tour.  He has been up in Hudson for the past 20 years.  The gallery is a front building and a carriage house in the back with this yard in the middle to show sculptures.

insideartThe carriage house still has a large hand powered elevator shaft that in the day was used for hay but now for art.

hudsonmarketLoved the Olde Hudson Market, a speciality gourmet store full of crackers, cheeses, supplies, meats, ice cream and coffee.

barbeerOur last stop was the Spotty Dog.  What a great concept.  A book store with a bar.  The bar has a variety of local beers on tap.  Such a great concept.

restaurantWe went back to the hotel for a little rest and relaxation before walking downstairs for dinner.  The restaurant has a great vibe.  Whoever designed the hotel and the restaurant did an incredible job.

steakWe split a few things on the menu, this is a shot of the hanger steak, and then we walked up the stairs and went to bed.

What’s great is you can take a train up there and back with ease.  We drove but love the train concept.



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  1. JAJones

    Great town. Check out the Fern furniture studio on your next visit. Friend of mine from the city. http://www.fernnyc.com

  2. Erin

    Martha’s Vineyard! Aww. I thought about it so much this summer.