Art district and Guerrilla Tacos

We went back down to Hauser & Wirth in the arts district because Guerrilla Taco truck is there on Fridays.  An essential LA must try….and then figure out where they are all the time because it is so good.

This area will soon be spreading its wings with more shops and galleries.  Across the street just opened Guerilla Atelier.  There is another one in the area and this is their latest.  They have a mixture of art, books, clothing, accessories and more.  It is really well curated.

We came for tacos and tacos was the key thing here.  We split a few things.  Each one was better than the next.  Roasted sweet potato with almond chile, fried corn, scallions and feta cheese.  Wow.  The little bits of corn with the soft consistency of the potato and a little spice is incredible.

Braised beef short ribs are hiding underneath the fried egg quesadilla with chile morita, oaxacan cheese, market greens and habanero chiles.  Incredible.  Everything is intensely flavorful and perfectly cooked.

Yellowtail poke tostados with raw tomatillos, chiles and uni on top.  Who comes up with this?

We strolled through Hauser & Wirth and although they were closed for an installation it is an amazing space that we continue to return to.  We had dinner there and weren’t so wowed but the space is just great.  In the picnic area they is a chicken coop.  Certainly the most stylish chicken coop I have seen.

Across is the graffiti building sitting inside the museum area.

There was one installation up of Rashid Johnson.  Pretty cool seeing the art in a long bricked hallway.

Always good to get a small dish from Salt and Straw before leaving the area.  I love how all the new ice cream shops give you metal spoons for tastes and describe the ice cream for you in details.

We went over to Koreatown to check out a few galleries.  Our first stop was Commonwealth and Council.  There are two galleries set inside this building.  A old building with long hallways.

The artist is Danielle Dean.  Her work was a mixture of videos, sculptures and drawings.  Very raw.

The other gallery is the Visitor Welcome Center.   The work is from Iris Yirei Hu.

We stopped by a few others but nothing else was open.

There is a definite edge happening here.  LA is having a moment.  There is a lot of creativity from the art to the food.  There are neighborhood pockets that are each unique but are blossoming in their own way that creates a real individual vibe.  The more we explore the more you see it.  LA is definitely a cool spot right now.

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  1. awaldstein

    Tacos look amazing. On my next trip.And while i find it a pain to get from SM to Silver Lake, it’s a cool town.Thanks for these travelogues