Farmers Market

One of my favorite things about LA is the weekly shop at the Farmers Market.  I go to Mar Vista every Sunday.  It is just the right size.  I also know the spots I like now.  Where to pick up the right eggs, avocados, carrots, breads etc.  Makes a big difference.

I was wearing my new favorite gift from my brother.  My Fuck Trump t-shirt.  That’s me and my sister with our gear during the holidays.  I wore it all day and the amount of people that talked to me and commented was amazing.  I went to the beach later in the day and got more of the same thing.  A big hit!  I wish I had recorded everyone I spoke to.  But as my brother pointed out, if I was wearing that t-shirt in another part of the country perhaps the comments would not be as enthusiastic.

Here are some of the wares we picked up.  Did not buy this tomato but from the sign it is obviously quite a precious tomato.

A variety of dried fruits at this market.

Love the lavender

Beautiful romanesco and a variety of colored cauliflowers.

Carrots galore

Oranges are abundant.  Tastes everywhere too.

These broccoli sprouts are amazing on a salad.

Beautiful herbs.

Cherry tomatoes.

Strawberries are not quite ready but honestly they still taste delicious.

Ready for the week ahead….

Comments (Archived):

  1. LE

    I wish I had recorded everyone I spoke to.Actually a really good idea!

  2. LE

    I also want to add to my other comment that I think it’s a big mistake to wear that t-shirt anywhere. You are just inviting anger and real potential danger from some unhinged person. Luckily that didn’t happen yesterday!

  3. pointsnfigures

    Interesting that you can wear that shirt in a place like LA, NYC or Chicago and get comments/conversation. If I were to wear a Trump hat, or put a Trump bumper sticker on my car I would put my personal safety at risk in those same places. I don’t think you’d put your personal safety at risk wearing that shirt in a place like Omaha, Nebraska or Dallas, Texas. I recall a guy that wore a pro-Hillary-and then did the exact same thing in the exact same way with a pro-Trump hat. Cannot find the link of the results.BTW, the produce looks amazing.

  4. awaldstein

    I live for green markets. The idea that with a blizzard outside in NY there are such things feels like a day dream.Your tshirt expresses my opinion precisely. Good on you.

    1. Gotham Gal


  5. Jenna Abdou

    The carrots and cauliflower look so good!