Just imagine…..A Day Without Women

Mostly women are nurses, kindergarten teachers, payroll clerks, consumer of products on the web (and brick and mortar), manager of the household, etc.  Women tend to make less money than their male counterparts.  There are laws (mostly written by men) who are interested in taking away a woman’s right to her own body and more.  This strike on International Women’s Day is more than a strike against Trump’s white male cabinet that is dismissive of women’s rights including Mitch McConnell disrespecting Elizabeth Warren on the senate floor by telling her to sit down and shut up.   It is an international issue.

Women should be treated equally at every level period.  So, for today, can you imagine a day without women? #internationalwomensday

Comments (Archived):

  1. Jess Bachman

    I am imagining a day without women, in a dystopian sci-fi setting. I’m not sure there would be much left of humanity when midnight rolls around.

    1. Gotham Gal

      for sure!

  2. Emily Parsons

    Do you know of any credit cards / financial institutions with female founders that offer credit cards? I’m annoyed at my bank of american CC that I use for my business and yesterday I googled “feminist credit card” thinking to switch things up. The only thing that came up were articles that women didn’t enjoy equal protection under the law until 1974 to be able to get credit from financial institutions without being discriminted against. How did I not even know this?? My mom would have just been finishing college… not that long ago. But Hey — Thanks for being a bad ass woman!

    1. Gotham Gal

      I do not know any financial institutions who do this but that would be amazing if there was an all female bank who did this.