Bread and Roses, Picasso Museum and Au Passage

The first day in Europe is always tough.  Getting on the time zone is about soldering through the exhaustion from lack of sleep on the plane over.  It is just part of the drill.  We usually get here, shower, eat and then stay out as long as possible until about 5 where a nap is in need before going out to dinner with the hope that after dinner we hit the pillow hard.

We started this journey in Paris.  After the bag drop and a shower, we wandered down the street to Bread and Roses for salads.

And incredible pastries.  Strawberries

Paris Brest…one of my faves.

We walked through the Luxembourg Garden which is one of my favorite parks in Paris.  Kids were out navigating their boats around the fountain.

I’ve been to the Picasso museum countless times over the years.  They recently renovated so I have seen the museum through three different restorations.  Currently, there is an exhibit around Olga, his first wife, and son Paul.  I had not seen many of the pieces before.

I am always amazed how insanely prolific Picasso was.  This is of his son Paul as a baby.


The Marais has changed a lot over the past decade.  Art galleries are in abundance including clothing stores.  One of my favorite streets is still right where the L’Enfant Marche des Rouges is located.  Inside the market is a variety of different food stalls with outdoor seating.  Outside there are a sausage/ham store, chocolate shop, pastry shop, fruit shop and more.  This is Caractere de Cochon around the corner L’Enfant.

Beautiful flowers at L’Enfant.

Also the bakery Bontemps down the street.

We went back for that nap before going to Au Passage for dinner.  This is my second time back to Au Passage.  All the plates are for sharing and the wine list is huge.  The place is simple, local and quite good.

The barnacles…tastes like lobster.

This is a serious winner.  Octopus hotdog style.  The housemade sweet/sour mango relish on top in a soft bun might be something we have to recreate this summer.

Roasted lamb shoulder that is off the charts and a house specialty.

We were exhausted, full and ready to collapse with the hope of getting on the time zone so we passed on the dessert and cheese plate this time but we will be back!