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I have always been a big fan of media.  It shows in my investment portfolio.  One investment is Vinepair, where you can learn about wines, beer, and spirits, it launched three years ago.  They have seen major growth over the last three years and what has been the most interesting is that the majority of the readers are women.  Millennial women are interested in the world of drinks.  I know first hand that they are also interested in the cannabis space because I am an investor in this space too.

More than 36% of the leaders in the cannabis space are women and that includes 63% of high-level positions, according to a survey by Marijuana Business Daily.  The door is wide open and there are no barriers to entry. Women are the fastest growing consumers in this space as well.   Jane Street will provide the content.

I am really excited to see Jane Street launch today.  Like Vinepair, it will be a daily resource around this space.  The readers on Vinepair are engaged and passionate about the spirits space and I am sure they will feel the same around the cannabis space.  Jane Street Editor Batya Ungar-Sargon says “The media landscape is increasingly female-forward and female-centric, but coverage of cannabis has lagged in this regard and it’s about time someone stepped in to fill this void, giving women the respect they deserve in this arena”.

Jane St. launches today with hundreds of articles already published and a growing following on social. You can find the publication here: www.janest.com and get social here: http://fb.me/getjanestreet.

I love the tagline.  Jane Street Journal is your daily resource for all things cannabis and legalized and medical marijuana.  Let me know what you think

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  1. LE

    Let me know what you thinkWell since you are asking: I think the use of large stock photography images detracts from the otherwise valuable content. The photos(size and content) are distracting. [1] The site name janest.com is also problematic given that an investment firm is operating under janestreet.com … [2] Links to news stories around marijuana would be helpful (curated not auto generated).[1] I think that even if more expensive some user generated or more bespoke photos would make the site appear more valuable and genuine, if they can afford to do that.[2] So they will never rank high on a google search… They could go with any number of options that is ‘jane’ followed by something other than ‘street’ and have the same impact.

  2. awaldstein

    Fascinating on two personal levels.First, there is a movement of people who know certs on the food and supplement side to guide this industry as they are coming after my son who is GM of a herbal products company. Such a hole of knowledge.Met with Eric Demuth this week–he is a celebrated artisanal winemaker in Cal, who has developed a line of THC infused wine. The economics are crazy, the piece that Cal takes crazy as well.

  3. Kirsten Lambertsen

    Curious if you can talk about what the planned revenue model is? I mean, I might be able to guess 🙂 But it would be interesting if they’re willing to share at this stage.The site feels very early days and still a little light on content, so a little bit pre-launch. But I was intrigued enough to read a couple of pieces. I like that they are shorter, quick reads. I like the name! Not sure about LE’s name concerns… But I agree with him about the stock photography. I also think they could dive right into content that reveals the people behind the site. I feel like that would lend authenticity, plant early seeds of loyalty, and help break up the stock photography (and therefore “stock” writing? yipes) feel.I’m sure they have big plans for beefing up content. It’ll be great to follow along with you to see how they tackle growing traffic and revenue. I immediately think of newer venues like Bumpers as being a great opp for content like this.

    1. LE

      I like the name! Not sure about LE’s name concerns…I like the name as well. ‘Jane Street’.What I don’t like is the fact that the site address is currently janest.com. [1] That’s a non starter because a) you’d have to spell it out if you passed it along to someone and b) An issue with search because ‘janestreet.com’ the investment company will rank higher. At the very least.[1] Interesting though I own ‘janets.com’ while not pot related it has good (what I call) pass along value. And oddly if you told people to go to ‘janest.com’ they very well might end up at ‘janets.com’.

  4. Marilyn Machlowitz

    I love that you use one of the French shopping carts (fabric) for your grocieres!! When in France and that you are calling out some places or inedible food and poor service. The market pictures are to die for.

  5. Julie Lerner

    Why do you like to invest in media? Thanks

    1. Gotham Gal

      It’s the foundation of information

      1. Julie Lerner

        Yes, of course. I meant from a business perspective. I go to a lot of pitch forums but don’t see many media companies. Was looking for general info in terms of ROI, valuation as compared to other sectors, and what you look for when you invest in a media company. A bit of “investing school” thank you.

        1. Gotham Gal

          Very similar to any startup that is not in the consumer product space.

          1. Julie Lerner

            Got it, thanks