Jane Street

I have always been a big fan of media.  It shows in my investment portfolio.  One investment is Vinepair, where you can learn about wines, beer, and spirits, it launched three years ago.  They have seen major growth over the last three years and what has been the most interesting is that the majority of the readers are women.  Millennial women are interested in the world of drinks.  I know first hand that they are also interested in the cannabis space because I am an investor in this space too.

More than 36% of the leaders in the cannabis space are women and that includes 63% of high-level positions, according to a survey by Marijuana Business Daily.  The door is wide open and there are no barriers to entry. Women are the fastest growing consumers in this space as well.   Jane Street will provide the content.

I am really excited to see Jane Street launch today.  Like Vinepair, it will be a daily resource around this space.  The readers on Vinepair are engaged and passionate about the spirits space and I am sure they will feel the same around the cannabis space.  Jane Street Editor Batya Ungar-Sargon says “The media landscape is increasingly female-forward and female-centric, but coverage of cannabis has lagged in this regard and it’s about time someone stepped in to fill this void, giving women the respect they deserve in this arena”.

Jane St. launches today with hundreds of articles already published and a growing following on social. You can find the publication here: www.janest.com and get social here: http://fb.me/getjanestreet.

I love the tagline.  Jane Street Journal is your daily resource for all things cannabis and legalized and medical marijuana.  Let me know what you think