Paris…the first few days.

We are spending almost the rest of the month in Paris with a short jaunt to Berlin.  I so love this city.  Next, to NYC, Paris is it.  We got here starving so we dropped our bags, walked down the street, and went to Cafe Madame.  New owners and a bit of a renovation make a difference.  A simple salad for lunch was the trick.

Fred had a board meeting to call into so I went to Bon Marche to fill the fridge and make dinner at home.  One of my favorite stores.  I could buy everything but I held myself back…not easy.  Filled up my cart.

Filled up my bag and off I went.

We got up the next day and spent the afternoon at the French Open.   Really cool stadium and the clay courts are epic.  We saw Nadal play and considering he has won almost 10 Opens it was really the call.

Afterward, we went to La Bourse et la Vie.  The third time is the charm.  Once we missed the reservation and once we canceled our trip but this time we made it.  Small, intimate and wonderful service.  A 21st Century bistro.   Oysters that slid down your throat with just the right of seasoning.

Poached leeks with a sharp vinaigrette with chopped hazelnuts on top.  Excellent and a classic French dish.

This fish was the special of the day.  Beautiful presentation.

We walked back to the 6th from the 2nd.  I love how at 10 pm the sky is still lit.  The moon was out in full.

The next day we roamed through our neighborhood and ran a few errands.  We had heard that Cuisine de Bar had closed and was so upset.  It is the one place we always return to.  Ends up that Poilane Bakery next door took it over.  What a relief.  The menu has changed a bit but the tartines are still the key.  This is just tomatoes, mozzarella and the incredible bread toasted.  The place is now called Poilane Comptoir.

We strolled and strolled across the river to Palais Royal.  It has been under construction for years but finally, everything is gone.  Nice to be back.

We had dinner with friends at Les Chouettes.  Had a wonderful time with them but the food there as definitely gone down hill.  Very disappointing.

Next morning we hit up the flea market.  Absolutely the most favorite thing to do on Sunday.  Obviously, this was not to be touched.

We thought this belonged at the Addams Family house.

Some lamps.

A pair of dice…we picked these up!

Some old school charcoals….circa 1700’s

Fun sconces.

Then lunch, a must at Ma Cocettes.  The salad, the fries (perfect), an Aperol Spritz and a beer made the afternoon before we headed back for a nice long nap.

We hit up Huitere Regis for dinner.  I love this place.  Small white shop with multiple blue plates.  It feels like the ocean.  They serve oysters, shrimp, uni (when in season) and a seafood pate.  That’s it.  Of course plenty of good white wine.  We had a Sancerre.

Shrimp and oysters.  So good it is almost decadent.

Then off to see Wonder Woman…and yes I loved it.