What is the future of politics?

No matter what side of the political fence you sit on, these are strange times.   Obama was a calm, no drama leader that showed complete respect for the office of the Presidency.  He behaved with dignity in every situation.  Now we have a leader who functions on chaos.  He does not seem to have agenda yet the people around him who have been put in places of power sure do and they are hanging on just to get their own agenda accomplished.  We have a President who tells lies, dismisses everyone, tweets nonsense constantly and throws his friends and enemies under the bus.  He certainly does not act with dignity and because of this behavior, everyone has taken to the airwaves to insult him and everyone around him.  It is a daily public shaming on all sides of the fence.

The thing about this constant insanity is that our children hear it, see it, read about it and have become part of the rhetoric.  A friend’s 10-year-old daughter, who is whip-smart and insanely sophisticated for her age, saw Trump’s entourage and screamed out “F-you Trump”.  On one hand, I happen to agree with her but on the other hand, I wonder about her generation who is watching politics in a completely different light.  Her (and her peers) respect for Government has been diminished and that includes everyone from Senators to Mayors.  This mass open chaos has made everyone out to be incompetent.  Perhaps they all are.

Kirsten Gillibrand has been saying over and over that if you don’t like what you see, then run for office.  Our country is built on a set of checks and balances that are written into our Constitution that is managed (essentially) by our Government.  These 10-year-old kids are living in start-up nation and a world where they can watch everything on the phone and be connected all the time.  What will their Government look like when they get to the age where they can run for office.  Will anyone even want to?  Will they have zero respect for Government decisions?  Will they be living on Universal income and have Universal healthcare?  Will they be living in a time where oil is irrelevant and driverless cars and high-speed rail (including light rail in cities) be the mode of transportation because economically it makes more sense?  They don’t care about people’s sexual or religious preferences.  They don’t care if you are black, white, Asian, brown or green and they certainly don’t care if you smoke pot.  They see a true disconnect between where we are going and a Government hanging on the past.

There is something happening with our President having such lack of respect for his fellow Americans, the office of the Presidency, the United States position in the world and Trump’s inability to truly understand all of these factors that I wonder what Government will look like when our friends 10 year old is 30.