Harbor Market and Kitchen

I took a trip to Sag Harbor.  It is one of the towns out on the East End of Long Island.  Truth is I rarely leave my hood out here but on occasion, I do venture out.  This summer I have been venturing out more.  My friend loves Harbor Market and Kitchen and she wanted to intro me to the owner and taste the goods.

The place has been opened 3 years.  I had no idea but again I am not in Sag for awhile and this place is located smack in the middle of the residential area on Division Street.  Abbey Warsh, the owner, believes that good food travels like news.  She could be right.  I wish there was a place like this in Amagansett.  A local spot that serves up some delicious food from breakfast to dinner with curated products from honey to yogurt to bring home.  This place would be perfect in any neighborhood.

We had the vegetarian salads of the day.  Grilled mushrooms, beets with oranges, carrots, hearts of palm, lentil, and cauliflower.  All can be taken home or eaten there.

We had fish tacos too.  Fish, avocado, cabbage and a light sauce.  Super simple.  A must for summer.

Love the pizza oven in the middle of the kitchen.  Excellent pizza with a really thin crust.

French fries that are crispy and clean.  No double dipping in old oil here.

Abbey sent us home with sweets to try and these cookies were delicious.  They were gone with in seconds of hitting the house.

Loved talking to Abbey, the owner, too. Her story is great.  She loves food and is passionate about what she does.  If you are in Sag, stop by and pick up a few goodies.  Planning on doing a podcast with Abbey this fall.

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  1. kirklove

    Legit. Rented a house in Sag down the street last summer. Harbor was my jam and of course Estia’s. Then it’s all downhill from there.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Unfortunately it is all pretty much downhill from there.