Paris with Emily

Emily arrived and we went directly to lunch at Mokonuts.  Mokonuts is a tiny adorable bakery/cafe with insanely good food run by an ex-Pat who went to NYU and landed in Paris years ago.  She couldn’t be nicer.  We got there around 130 and here is the kitchen after the constant of the day.

Started with this hot lemon honey thyme drink that her Grandmother used to make to cure all ills.  Might make this one at home.

The white fish crudo with olive oil and sumac was the perfect starter.  Sumac changes the entire taste of the dish.

Labneh with small pieces of black olive on top to lather on bread.

We also had lamb chops with greens.  The dishes are small which is another thing I love about Paris.  The portion size is what it should be.

Chocolate chip and sesame cookie (I need to figure out how to make this cookie) and ricotta cheesecake for dessert.

And then we walked.  Alain Ducasse started his own chocolate shops a few years ago so he could make his own chocolates for his restaurants.  This store is where they make the chocolates.  I do wish I could capture the aroma of this store.  We knew we were coming upon it before it was there.  The smell of pure chocolate bliss is wafting out of this place.

We passed this seriously old-school barbershop.  This photo does not really capture the scene as tucked behind is the gentlemen having his haircuts wife, watching patiently.

Went to a few stores around the Marais.  One of the main streets, Rue de Bretagne, had multiple singular food shops from a charcuterie to a bakery to even one that sells basically smoked fish and foie gras.

Aperol Spritz was the drink of the summer so seeing it bottled was great.  Picked up a few for drinks later.

We had dinner at Huiteries Regis, where they take no reservations, so we could stop in, have dinner and get to bed early.  One of my favorite spots in Paris.



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  1. awaldstein

    I have nothing to say except Nice! and I share your love of Paris and the mellowness of walking around the city, enjoying its local flavor in a mellow way that only residents and long term city lovers really appreciate.Thanks!

  2. WinkieBoy

    Mokonuts is now on my list! Thank you! I love Sesame cookies; Sicilian Sesame Cookies, Greek Twist Sesame Cookies, and my favorite, Honey Sesame Cookies (…Thanks!

  3. Kirsten Lambertsen

    Swoon! God, it all looks so *romantic*.

  4. P Donohue

    So different from Alabama…

    1. Gotham Gal

      ha. for sure.