Art, art, art in LA

We made our annual pilgrimage to the Barker Show at the Santa Monica airport.  It’s a small show and has always loved the space.

Not sure where I would put this but thought they were fun.  Folkert de Jong.

Little piggies.

These were really fun.  These pieces are by Friends by You.

They are made out of a polyplastic.

I am always drawn to architecture.

These are a series of 25 gestures by Marcelo Cidade.

A series of water by Richard Misrach


Colors by John Baldessari.

Really loved these boxing pieces.

Guy Yanai, influenced by Hockney

Hilary Pecis

After the show at the Barker we drive to Culver City to see the Adam Silverman show at Cherry+Martin.  It was the last day and since we have some of his works, I wanted to see the installation.  Extremely cool install.

We went into a few other galleries and the only thing that caught my eye was this bench.

Then we drove over to L.A. Louver in Venice to see the Matt Wedel show.  They have three shows going on right now including Matisse drawings.  This is the main room.  Really great gallery.

The Wedel is outside.  We fell in love with this piece.

We continued after going home for a quick freshen-up to go to the opening at the Hammer Museum.  Molly Lowe, who is quite an incredible young artist.  She has done other works we have seen from movies to large installations and this is the first of watercolors for her.  Really so happy to see her have a show here.  The Hammer is one of my favorite museums.

There is also a Sam Falls exhibit on the stairs, photos of California National Parks.

This piece was hung outside by Jim Hodges.

The big show is a bit out of my league but I did like this large piece that loomed over the installation.

We probably did more than most people do here in a week so we need to get our NY energy to slow down a bit.  Working on that.



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  1. awaldstein

    Nice!I like the possibilities of architecture that come from such a temperate climate.Going to a charity event at some home up some canyon in Santa Monica in a few weeks and the pictures of the open design and pools and trees and spaciousness just are so appealing.

  2. panterosa,

    Adam Silverman was at RISD with me. Funny, charming and smart. I’m sorry I couldn’t see this in person.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Very cool