Last week in LA

This is our last week in LA.  I am looking forward to returning to NYC.  It is time.  The bi-coastal life works.  We have really made a lot of good friends out here, we have embraced the lifestyle (for a short period of time), we have been able to hit the slopes with ease, we have experienced a lot of sunshine and spent way too much time in a car.

I finally had the turmeric orange juice ginger shot at Superba.  Superba is my local coffee spot where I am proudly the Foursquare mayor while I am out here.

Had Chinese food with our friends in Beverly Hills at Joss Cuisine.  The shrimps with mustard sauce we had never had before and are still talking about it.  Just the right amount of kick to this dish.

We got to the Getty to see the Cut! Paper Play in Contemporary Photography.  The landscape is so incredible up there.

We were thrilled to see two artists that we have collected in this show.  Christiane Feser.

Daniel Gordon.

We finally got to Eataly out here.  Just as frenetic as the other ones in the NYC and Genoa.  Although they do carry incredible products and it is fun to have a bite for lunch.

Saw this cartoon in the New Yorker this week which made me laugh.  The ability to just drop in your local dispensary as easy as picking up a bottle of wine is something that I will definitely miss.

NYC here we come.




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  1. Pranay Srinivasan

    I hope it stops snowing in NYC

    1. Gotham Gal


      1. Pointsandfigures

        Up at our place in MN, we are getting 15-20 inches the next couple of days. Have a good Passover.

        1. Gotham Gal

          You too!

      2. awaldstein

        beautiful day today. briskett is cooking.

  2. mplsvbhvr

    Just spent a a few days hanging around LA for conferences… Coming back to Chicago weather was not easy. The older I get the more bi-coastal seems to make sense if it’s economically feasible..One day!

    1. Gotham Gal

      I miss NYC terribly but the lucky ability to be warm in those nasty winter months is well worth it.