The Frieze and 1-54

This past weekend was all about art.  We went to see the 1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair on Friday evening and then went full on Saturday to the Frieze on Governors Island.  There are other shows around the city but that is all we did and that is plenty!  It is one of our favorite spring weekends.

1-54 takes place at Pioneer Works in Red Hook.  It is a small show but I have always enjoyed it.  Here are some of the top hits on my end.

Derrick Adams.

Irahim El-Salahi

Gideon Appah who installed the entire space with memories of his Grandmothers’ home.  Really great.

Always a fan of sculpture this is Victor Ekpuk

We took the ferry over to the Frieze which is completely part of the entire experience.  The first piece we saw when we entered the North side of the tent was the Hockney installation at Pace Gallery.  All of these pieces were done on an Ipad.  So good!

Keith Haring work is iconic.

Tina Barney did a series of photographs of known people in their own space.  This is George Condo the artist.

Shin Sung Hy from a gallery out of Seoul

I love this.  Robert Therrien.

Martin Boyce is all about architecture and design.

Jesse Wine, that we added to our collection.

Jack Pierson.  I found this piece extremely relevant to the times.

Lunch is so civilized at the Frieze at Prime Meats.

Alex Katz

Vik Muniz giving a nod to Hilma Af Klint who will have a retrospective at the Guggenheim this fall.

LOVE from a Japanese artist.

Gordon Parks.

Tony Tasset

Dike Blair

The last look at Hockney before leaving the fair.  Such a good day!

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  1. awaldstein

    Thanks for the share!I love Keith Haring as a New Yorker from my era.Have a few of his original pop shop pieces sprinkled around the apt and they always make me happy to see them.A joyous spirit capturing the city from the street view up.

  2. Kirsten Lambertsen

    Thanks for all the pics! Always love the art posts 🙂 That Gordon Parks is mesmerizing.

    1. Gotham Gal

      I’d never seen that Gordon Parks before. Absolutely incredible

  3. Ben Giordano

    An embarrassment of riches; The Frieze alone would have made my day.