Will Corporate America be the Catalyst for Democracy?

When North Carolina’s Governor, Roy Cooper,  signed a bill to reverse a law that required transgender people to use public bathrooms that matched the gender on their birth certificate, it cost the state $3.75 billion in lost revenues as big companies pulled out of doing business in North Carolina.

My friend believes that it is Corporate America that will be the keepers of the Democracy flame.  He could be right.

We have witnessed people using social media to post videos of racists demeaning and threatening people just because of the color of their skin.  The aftermath of these posts going viral is the companies that these vile people work for have publically chosen to fire them for their behavior.  It does not represent their company values.  It is no different than the large companies pulling the plug on North Carolina.

Companies want to be equal opportunity employers as they should be.  It is the right thing to do, it creates a better workplace, it allows them the opportunity to hire from a larger pool of people and more.  As states choose to keep people from voting, be discriminatory against minorities, continue to support insanely lax gun laws, I too believe we will see Corporate America making executive decisions about what states they want to bring capital and companies into or not.

The Supreme Court might have become more conservative with Kavanaugh but the power is with money and from the reaction from Corporate American in North Carolina, it appears that most of them might be on the side of democracy.