The Democratic candidates are making the rounds to meet and greet before they put the gas on the money parade. Most of the candidates have the same message. A few have shared their policies yet there doesn’t seem to be much difference among them. What we all seem to be looking for is leadership.

Leadership is lacking everywhere these days. We have a President who has so destroyed the integrity of the office from the people he puts around him to being a President only for his base. The PR spin coming out of his office and his rude demeaning tweets has elevated hate and anger to a level where it is bleeding through society. How does that change? New leadership.

Our country is old. The people who lead it are old. Our infrastructure system is falling apart from trains, subways, roads, highways, sewer systems and I am sure more. It costs money to rebuild, it also creates jobs. It seems almost impossible for anyone to think long term these days. We need a leader that can lead us down that path.

Our tech companies have run circles around Government when it comes to responsibility around data, security and manipulation. Not good.

We have to completely rethink our prison system. It is inhumane. It does nothing to heal but create an endless cycle of poverty in our underserved communities. It makes no sense from how we should care about other human beings to economic sense. It is time to break this cycle.

We are in desperate need of early childcare. Now both parents work and we have to have better support systems for young children and young families. There needs to be the right educational curriculum from children 3 to 18 or even younger. How can this country have 5th graders reading at a 1st grade level? Every child should have a chance to succeed at their highest level.

Our food system is killing us. Opiates are destroying an entire generation. Our cities are laden with homeless people. Dishonest banks have been given a pass. We are losing credibility as a leader of the world. We are antiquated and there seems to be such a disconnect between Government and private industry. And just to note that private industry holds the cards as many have figured out how to not pay taxes with lobbying efforts. It only takes one swift move to make all companies pay a minimum percentage of their overall profits in taxes and that would change many of our cash problems in one fell swoop. We can’t change infrastructure without cash and when the debt grows daily it is almost impossible to do so.

We need the next leader to be passionate, whip-smart, curious, get shit done and can lead us into a new place. The economy might appear to be in a good spot but I predict not for long. The disconnect between the well-off and everything underneath is not good. There should also be leadership among the people who don’t want to pay taxes when it comes to the reality of what this country needs to get us into the future.

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  1. awaldstein

    Yup.Who do I trust to lead us somewhere new?Driven by belief, with inspiration backed by smarts as their major asset.It won’t be someone of my generation for certain.

  2. pointsnfigures

    Wait, what President doesn’t install a cabinet that puts policies in place that please the people who elected him? I don’t disagree on a lot of the problems, but I’d bet we disagree on the process to solve them. Reading a great book, Alienated America. https://www.amazon.com/Alie… Very interesting and different than books like Hillbilly Elegy or Coming Apart (which were both really good). The answer to these problems don’t lie in bigger government, or more centralized government; nor do they lie in the minds of big business (which actually needs a big govt). They lie in decentralization of power, and in the minds of entrepreneurs.

  3. JLM

    .The two leading Dem candidates to “lead” America are ancient, pale dinosaurs — one who has never led anything and the other who embodies the “before” from which the country desires to depart. This is the best of the Dem breed?You are so blinded by your pervasive Trump hate, which I applaud for you, that you are unable and literally incapable of giving credit where credit is due.President Trump promised the destruction of ISIS and the resurgence of the economy and he has delivered on both.I use these examples as they are not politically contentious. President Obama’s policies could not deliver on either of these issues. President Trump said he could and he did. Leaders take groups to places they could not get by themselves.President Trump did what President Obama could not. Leadership?The First Step Act was pursued by George HW Bush, Clinton, Geo W Bush, and Obama. Who finally delivered it? Pres Trump.Black men and women, imprisoned for decades for marijuana offenses were freed, and the disparity between crack and cocaine sentencing was changed.The Dems will not field a viable candidate as long as its core value is “free” and its intellectual leader is AOC.Right now, Pres Trump wins in a cakewalk. The Dems need new ideas and thinkers.JLMwww.themusingsofthebigredca…

  4. William Mougayar

    That was a very passionate assessment. Have you thought about propping it a bit and sending as a NY Times Op-Ed.