Actual Anniversary Day

We had breakfast at our fave place, Cafe Flore. There are a few spots that we always go back to. That is one of them and it has not changed in decades.

After breakfast we headed over to the Museum D’Orsay and popped in this amazing glass store filled with pieces from Italy called Arcade. We bought these 3 for our place.

We stayed on the left bank for the day. The museum had an exhibit we were curious about called the Le Modele Noir. The last time we were there was 2008. It is a beautiful building that used to be a train station. The museum as it is today was officially opened in 1986. It is very much like going to the Met and seeing the impressionists. It is not my fave museum but glad we saw this show. This is I Like Olympia in Black Face by Larry Rivers.

It highlights the model more than the artist. The representation of black models who were used as models for many major artists is something we rarely see. Elvire Van Hyfte born in Belgian Congo, studied philosophy at the University of Louvain. Was friends with Matisse who painted many pieces with her as a model.

We ran a few errands and just relaxed. Dinner was at L’Astrance. The last time we were there was with the entire family in 2008. We spent four weeks that year in Paris with the family for the month of July. Truly one of the best things ever. It was nice to return. What I remembered is the beauty of the place. It is like a tiny jewel box with these amazing glass colored chargers on each table. Quite elegant.

The food isn’t what it used to be as if you want to go somewhere memorable I’d send you to David Toutain. But we had a wonderful time. Highlight was probably the fish with a miso beurre sauce with sushi rice on the side.

We strolled back home through the insanity of the Eiffel Tower. I remembered that we went up to the top after our last meal at L’Astrance and confirmed with the post in 2008.

A relaxing way to spend our Anniversary together.

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  1. William Mougayar

    Nice pic!!Yup, Astrance lost a Michelin star this year, so what you say makes sense.I know about the urge to return to the same place to re-experience the original experience, but it doesn’t always turn out that way. But it’s more about the occasion and moment, so it’s special anyways. I learned to never let a bad meal or bad bottle ruin the moment. There’s always tomorrow!!

    1. awaldstein

      Hey–re the wine mention.Don’t get the bad bottle mention as why drink one you don’t like?We’ve all had a corked bottle on tasting but I can’t remember ever buying and tasting a bottle at a restaurant that was just awful and ruined the dinner.

      1. William Mougayar

        Bad bottle meant one we didn’t quite like as much as we hoped to. We do send back if it makes sense to. We like to discover and push the boundaries.Consistency over time is not related to being formal or not in my experience. It’s about how the owners run the place. Ultimately it’s about the expectations being set. If it’s a 3 star Michelin, i expect that experience. If it’s casual, fresh, organic I expect different things but still they have to deliver.

        1. awaldstein

          AhhOn the food piece I have no comment, we eat completely differently. I don’t care about stars or ratings, only referrals. To me it is always wine first.I’ve never ordered a bottle of wine anywhere that drew from the enjoyment of the meal or the evening. Love some more than others. I’m just lucky I guess.

          1. Gotham Gal

            I only want to eat good food. I don’t care about the stars but bad or mediocre food bums me out.

          2. awaldstein

            Yup–Often for me being a wine geek the wine makes it spectacular but invariably when unhappy it is the food.Obsessed with that lunch place in the Marais you posted on.

  2. awaldstein

    Happy Anniversary!Love the museum’s building, never have loved the exhibits.Loved the glass pieces a great deal.Enjoy!

  3. Kirsten Lambertsen

    That’s a glorious shot of the Eiffel Tower — the blue and the yellow.