A Quick New York Fix

I am loving the winter life in LA and Utah but when I got back to NYC these past few days for a quick NY fix, I realize how much I love that town. Sipping martinis with my dear friend at Toqueville, a spot where you can hear and get a seat at the bar she espoused her love of NY to me. Admittingly I gushed too.

The energy there is like no other. It fuels my senses. Walking home from the evening activities through the endless maze of streets is invigorating. Each restaurant has an edge to it. The cadence of the days is different. It just lights me up.

Don’t get me wrong, I love LA. The light and blue skies are hard to not love. There is a very different beat there. I hit a few new spots while we were in NYC. First was Leos that just opened in Williamsburg. A second spot from the crew at the delicious Ops Pizza. Met Emily there for an afternoon hang. You can’t go wrong here. Pizza has that delicious sourdough crust, the chopped salad is fresh and just the right size and there is more. The small shop is open most of the day with the larger restaurant that it is attached to on the other side.

Dinner was at Le Crocodile. Love this new spot from the team behind Chez Ma Tante. Smart move on the Wythe Hotel to bring a fresh look and a new team to the ground floor spot. The space feels much warmer and modern. It is a French Brasserie in Brooklyn. The fries, salad, and chicken are all outstanding. Juicy chicken coated with the right amount of jus that keeps the chicken crispy. The extra crispy fries with steak frites and a simple salad on the side is just classic. I could eat here every night.

The profiteroles are worth having before you roll out the door.

Michael Toscano has reopened the old Perla spot where he served up some delicious food before departing to Charleston and claimed it his with the name da Toscano. The place was humming. Some seriously happy people to see him back in NYC.

The gnudi is exceptional. Large puffy soft balls of dough covered in a spicy tomato sauce. Just so good. My other fave was the little gem salad. Little gems with endives, walnut pesto, chunks of aged Pecorino and a sherry vinaigrette. I wiped that plate clean.

Strong move bringing carrot cake on to the menu. Something I happen to love.

Went back to Anton’s one night as well. It was a seriously productive few days from waking up to bedtime. Just like I love it.

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    Could NYC be franchised?

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