It is just the beginning

We have basically been social distancing for the past 10 days yet now we are on lockdown. It is only the beginning.

Last night we watched the David Crosby documentary, Remember My Name. The massive generational shift that happened between the ’50s and ’60s is front and center. Art and music reflect the times and Crosby was smack dab in the middle of that.

The 60’s revolution was not only a reaction to the post-WWII dynamic of the ’50s but to the Government and the war. The reaction to this pandemic and this Administration’s mission which is not exactly clear to me is calling out for change. Is the idea that all decisions will be on the state? Get rid of Federal Government completely? If I understood why McConnell is not being financially proactive, then at least I can try and wrap my head around it regardless of agreeing with it or not. It is quite obvious that leadership from the Federal Government is the time we most need it.

What is the financial impact of the coronavirus? Stocks are falling, businesses are failing, restaurants are suffering, people are freaking. Is it time for another massive generational shift like the ’60s where people take to the streets and push for change?

Just looking around the corner of more than likely a massive recession and an Administration that’s answer is to pour billions into the market is frightening. When this pandemic passes, and it will, and testing and vaccines become readily available, I am hoping for new voices to rise up just like the ’60s. We are seriously ready for some change.

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  1. JLM

    .I suspect the “change” is not going to come from either Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders. I could be wrong.These two fossils have more than 70 years in DC and they have bamboozled the Dems into thinking they are agents of change with new ideas to fix what they created.I cannot imagine two men — never held a private sector job, professional politicians — two old, white, fossilized men with clear and present physical limitations more unsuited to deal with the modern world.They should have held that debate at a nursing home, on a park bench, overlooking a nice garden, with their nurses floating in the background, with Joe and Bernie eating ice cream (chocolate sauce) with bibs on.The Dems ran off every candidate that could have provided a new idea, a face of color, or a different gender. Never again tell me that the Dems are the party of diversity. Look who they have selected as the last two nominees.BTW, the Senate is still in town working on the House bill while the House has left DC. So, throwing stones at Mitch McConnell seems to be an unsupported slur.In these times, it is important for people, smart people, thought leaders to project a positive, optimistic aura. Your blog post falls woefully short of that standard. You are a person of privilege. Rise to the challenge.JLMwww.themusingsofthebigredca…

    1. Erin

      How are you doing man? Are you going to be weathering this ok? Should we be nominating the GG to run for office?

      1. Gotham Gal


      2. jason wright

        …but which office?

    2. jason wright

      Influence and credibility are indivisible.

    3. SFG

      So here we have it folks: two old white geezers are the chosen voices to rise up — sorry not my call — once the pandemic passes. And shoe on the other foot, an alternative administration elected would be throwing some money at this situation too.Illogical tantrums for change continues to be in vogue, I guess. I know the virus is all Trumps fault, but he tries.It would be nice see more than just angry and change ranted upon. Hint, it didn’t work too well last election cycle.

  2. Pointsandfigures

    most economists aren’t saying massive recession. V shaped recession. Or, perhaps slowdown but not negative GDP. This will be over by May or June. Serious but not Spanish Flu.

  3. jason wright

    Has there ever been a more compelling case for UBI than these developing circumstances? This could be the moment when we part company with a failing system and construct a new ‘settlement’ between the state and the citizen.

  4. awaldstein

    I think the place to look for these is in the down ballot votes upcoming.The House and Senate on down as that is where politically the new generation is taking hold.With success there in November I am optimistic.But yup, things are true mess.