Covid-19 Will Be Etched in our History forever

In the mid-90’s I began to get involved with politics within the tech community in NYC. I grew up around the kitchen table discussing the coming of WWIII but that is another story. Politicians were not only curious about this new industry but more than anything realized that we were all very early adopters looking to change everything and with that comes power looking for money.

There was one particular meeting that stands out. It was a few of the top Democratic senators who came to have lunch with a handful of us. We discussed the power of the Internet. How they could use the platform to have direct conversations with their constituents, how the Government could be leaner and meaner, how important back end technologies were going to be, how technology was going to change everything.

As the meeting wrapped up the Senators asked all of us to come down to Washington to testify in front of a group about our conversation. I remember saying you aren’t listening. The point of this conversation is we don’t have to go to Washington, we want to be able to talk to you and every one else online.

Fast forward, the private sector has moved at an accelerated pace integrated technology in their businesses. There are some who have not and they are all struggling through Covid-19. The Government seems to be struggling the most.

Covid-19 is a complete debacle.  The United States is supposedly the most powerful country in the world.  United is the keyword here.  We might have different political beliefs across the spectrum but the Federal Government oversees all of us when it comes to national events such as hurricanes, fires and of course pandemics. It is the Federal Government that is way behind the times.

The lack of supplies is jaw-dropping.  Hospitals can barely keeping up.  I applaud and have the utmost respect for every healthcare working trying to get through each day.  I can’t imagine how overwhelmed, stressed and sad they all are.

Europe figured it out.  South Korea figured it out.  And we are still surging in cases and the light at the end of the tunnel is extremely dim.  This is not going away.  

Shame on this administration and the politicians who have done nothing but get in line behind an utterly incompetent group of people.  I can’t imagine anyone who works in the medical field could vote for the Republican Party in November.  

Cuomo is treating NY like Europe. I applaud his tough demeanor from fining people who don’t comply when they enter NY State from somewhere else or canceling liquor licenses but it is not easy operating as a separate state from the other 49. If we would have all been this way since March one with help, strategy and equipment and working with other countries such as Korea, China and Korea we would look a helluva lot different today.

If this type of management happened in a public company the stock would have tanked. In a private company, the entire C team would have been replaced and the board would have made some massive changes instantly. The only thing we can all do is go to the polls, with a mask or vote weeks before through the mail and get these incompetent megalomaniac power hungry people out of office.  

We all deserve better than this.