Saint Frances

We have been back to our evening content fixes. I have even been a bit decadent and watching some shows in the afternoon while working on my crochet project. Yep.

My movie list began when Josh told me about 10 films I should watch. Then it began to grow. Unclear who told us to watch Saint Frances but the movie is fantastic on multiple levels. What really struck me is that all the characters, like all people, are still trying to figure it out. The women are honest about their issues from periods to having children, to working hard, to being lost, to unsure of their emotions and each female character represents real women that we all know.

Director, Alex Thompson, and screenplay by Kelly O’Sullivan who plays the main character are the people behind Saint Frances. The film is raw and human and has a subtle comedic edge. It is refreshing to see characters like these women up on the screen. I hope we see more of them.