Reality Check

So you graduate from college with debt. Keep in mind the loan is from the US Government. 

You move to a big city and take a job in the restaurant world to support your life while you write. 

Your parents breathe a sigh of relief because they can now afford to retire and be ok. 

You are figuring it out, paying the rent, and living life.  You are about to be 30. Then COVID hits.  The restaurant industry slams down and you are out of a job. 

Your job was important to many.  You were part of a community, you waited on people, you made people happy.   Now you are depending on who?  The government pays you enough for a few weeks because they don’t want to believe the pandemic is a massive economic event where we need to think long term. 

Eventually, your funds dry up.  The restaurant industry has no jobs. Companies aren’t hiring. 

You live in a major urban city and are from a rural area.  You don’t want to go home and be a burden on your parents nor do you want to do that because mentally that would be very difficult for a multitude of reasons.  Your landlord tosses you out because you can’t make the rent.   You can’t afford to feed yourself.  You are essentially homeless couch surfing your friend’s homes.  Eventually, you start to become a burden. God forbid you get sick.

So what does the Government propose?  Slashing the support. We should be taking care of our people.  We are one of the wealthiest countries in the world. This is the road our Government has gone down. Slowly slashing support in healthcare and education.

It’s disturbing and upsetting. What happens when hundreds of thousands of people find themselves in this position?

We are 5 months into a god damn pandemic and there is zero light at the end of the tunnel. Not even a dim one. It is times like this that we need leadership from the Federal Government. We are getting none.