Is Help Coming through Mother Nature?

The longer this pandemic goes on paired with everything else going on, the more I wonder how the hell did we get here?  

I watched this documentary on mushrooms called Fantastic Fungi and wondered maybe nature is telling us something. We are living in the post of an accelerated thirty years of technology that has changed our lives in countless ways.

We have climbed to the top of a mesa, unpacked our bags and it is time to pack up and move in a different direction. It’s time for a huge change.  We are seeing the white man hanging on to the last gasp of power.  Data is clear that white men are diminishing not accelerating.  There are less of them and more diversity in this country including women at the top and that isn’t changing anytime soon.

Old-guard ideas are over.  Does it still make sense to operate our country as we do?  Perhaps we should be a little more like where our forefathers came from, England.  Where free Medicare and basic income exist.  It’s time to think more about how we want our communities to have voices and connect with each other.  This next generation of politicians are actually representing the people that voted them in. Whether you agree with them or not, they are representing the voices of their community.

There is so much scary shit that could happen post-election.  It’s so time for a change.  Technology got us here and mother nature is reacting.  Perhaps the good has not outweighed the bad.  We understand technology at a different level that can help the next generation of technology leaders to change the ratio where good completely outweighs the bad. 

We can’t continue to do the same thing.  Trying the same thing again won’t work as it hasn’t before.  We need equality, new leaders, new ideas, future reality thinking.  It’s time.

As for the Fantastic Fungi, the ground beneath our feet is a universe of its own. That is also what Richard Powers writes about in the Over Story. Can mothernature heal us? The movie at least gave me hope which we all need a bit of right now. Although hope is never the answer.