21 in 21, Women Running for NY City Council

DistrictNameDonation Link
1Gigi LiDonate
5Tricia ShimamuraDonate
6Sara LindDonate
7Stacy LynchDonate
9Sheba SimpsonDonate
10Carmen de la RosaDonate
11Jessica HallerDonate
12Pamela JohnsonDonate
13Marjorie VelazquezDonate
14Pierina SanchezDonate
15Ischia BravoDonate
16Althea StevensDonate
18Amanda FariasDonate
19Adriana AvilesDonate
20Sandra UngDonate
22Tiffany CabanDonate
22RFelicia KalanDonate
24Deepti SharmaDonate
26Julia FormanDonate
27Nantasha WilliamsDonate
29Lynn ShulmanDonate
31Selvena Brooks-PowersDonate
32Felicia SinghDonate
33Elizabeth AdamsDonate
34Jennifer GutierrezDonate
35Crystal HudsonDonate
38Alexa AvilesDonate
39Shahana HanifDonate
40Rita JosephDonate
42Nikki LucasDonate
46Mercedes NarcisseDonate
48Amber AdlerDonate
49Amoy BarnesDonate

Kathy Wylde told me about Amelia Adams who is overseeing 21 in 21, an organization working on electing at least 21 women in 2021 for City Council seats hoping to change representation in government.

Representation matters in Government and New York’s City Council is in need of more womxn. Out of 51 seats, only 5 womxn are represented. It is time for change.

For each $250 given to one of these women, they get matched $1650 from the city. That is big. I sat down and gave $250 to each one of these candidates. For the $5250 I gave to support these women they got a total of $34650 from the city. That is huge. For all these womxn, their experience is wide and their passion is focused.

There are 35 term-limited seats in play. Take a look at the districts and see who is running in yours and give. The best part was getting notes from every single candidate who were gracious, excited and thrilled to be part of an opportunity of running for office to serve the people in their districts.