Are Some Men That Stupid?

Just because we have not heard any uproar from women across the country about sexual harassment these days, does not mean it is ok to slip back into old habits. Was it that some couldn’t keep it in any longer and decided to opt for the same lurid behavior on Zoom? Did that seem to be a good idea at the time? Did they think they wouldn’t get called out? I am super curious why now or did they finally just get caught.

Recently we watched the downfall of Jeffrey Toobin, on Zoom no less. Supposedly he didn’t realize that there were still people in the meeting…but come on. The NYTimes also uncovered rampant sexual abuse in the master sommelier universe. Days later, over a handful of those master sommeliers have been fired. It appears now more than ever when reporters ask, women tell, so that is a shift in the right direction.

A female founder had a similar situation this past week when talking to a potential client who was introduced by an investor . He decided it was perfectly ok to waltz into his bed during the conversation and begin showing penis products aimed at women. The women on the call were dumbfounded. After his presentation, he then mansplained them with his start-up advice. Hmmm. Really? Not great judgement or totally unacceptable? I am going with the latter but it could just be both.

It is not the first time nor it will be the last where I have heard of this behavior and some that I have seen with my own eyes. Women feel more empowered these days and they won’t ignore this anymore. If this happens, shut it down. Call them out right there and then. This is not appropriate, we will end this meeting now. Then go back to the people who made the introduction and tell them what happened.

This is not where the world is going, this is not acceptable behavior and the only way to get rid of it is to shun these predators among their friends and peers….or of course call the New York Times.