Covid Silver Linings

I can’t even think today and so I am going to stick with silver linings although having Trump around for four more years has none yet I always look for the silver linings. We are 8 months in and counting on our Covid life. As we walk around NYC and explore, the one thing that is a personal silver lining although not good for business, is being able to enjoy the city without massive crowds.

Awhile back with went to see a Basquiat exhibit at the Brandt Foundation located in the east village. We were one of the only people there. To be able to stand in the rooms and experience these large incredible pieces of work was a gift. We felt the same when we went to the Shed and PS1 the other weekend when we were almost the only one there.

The last night of Frenchette serving a picnic dinner in the middle of the Rockefeller Center skating rink (sans ice) was such a great NY experience. I wish we had done it when the weather was a tad warmer but it was still wonderful. How often do you get to stand in front of the Prometheus in the lower plaza with nobody around?

The silver lining is going to places and being able to experience the beauty of NYC with few humans. It is making me fall in love with NYC again and again. Each piece of exquisite architecture stands out. Restaurants have a different vibe. The streets are humming. The museums are empty but the art is still there for the lucky few to enjoy.

Obviously terrible for the economy but at this point we have to look for all the silver linings.