Ladies, pay attention to your finances!

My parents got divorced when I was 15. Not pretty. The reality of the cash to divide hits hard. My Mom, who was one smart business woman was pretty much in the dark about their cash. She drilled it into me that I should never lose sight or control of the cash. I never have.

Not enough women pay attention to their personal finances. Over time, as relationships grow, people fall into certain roles. It is human nature. One prefers cooking, one prefers cleaning the dishes, one doesn’t mind dealing with the laundry while the other one is happy to get the kids off to school. It is part of building a life together but certain things are meant to be shared like finances.

I have known more than a handful of women who have found themselves in situations that they never expected from losing a spouse to divorce. The wake up call is opening the book on the finances.

Many women are finding themselves shifting their careers because of the pandemic. Just because a woman is sidelined doesn’t mean that the family finances should be ignored. Knowledge of your finances gives you independence and freedom.

Don’t ever find yourself not knowing the finances of your life, ever. It has made too many women vulnerable. Figure out how to share the finances in a way that decisions are made together otherwise time passes and you never know when not paying attention to the cash can come back and bite you hard in the ass.