I went for my annual dermatologist appointment this year and had quite an animated conversation with the doctor.

Not shocking, it was about sunblock. Sunblock in every other country is formulated to block UV-A that causes melanomas, cancer etc. Only one ingredient, avobenzone, is “proven” to block UV-A sunlight. Why don’t we have that in all our sunblock products? One answer, lobbying in the 60’s when sunscreen began to take off.

I knew that because a dermo told me over a decade ago to buy all our sunblock products in France when we go. I fill up every time.

This is just one item. The lobbyists have essentially made sunblock defensive instead of offensive. So if someone gets skin cancer even after using a US made sunblock product for years, they have to deal with insurance, healthcare, etc. Our insurance companies are defense never offense. Offense would be paying for appointments, making sure that medical products are top of the line, being pro-active around care instead of defensive which is just paying up the nose when someone gets sick.

There is so much corruption in our country and it seems to be more apparent on a daily basis. I for one with like to begin with the lobbyists.

And when I finally do get back to Paris, I plan on filling up again on more sunblock products.