Thanksgiving 2020

This Thanksgiving is a strange one in a strange year. One that will be for the history books. It will a year where so much changed but right now nobody really knows what that is going to look like. There will be countless challenges ahead but history has shown us that we are resilient and will forge ahead to each challenge and find ourselves better on the other side.

You can only look for the silver linings when everything else seems dark. When we sit around the table tonight, I want to reflect on what good happened to each individual this year. What they are thankful for.

Everyone has been affected by this year differently. One thing is clear that we have all lived with overwhelming anxiety and fear from COVID and divisive politics and much more.

I am thankful for the amount of time that I have spent with our children this year, more than I would have in a normal year. I am thankful for slowing down and taking time to think vs react. I am thankful for the really good friends that have been drawn closer to our lives. It has been a crazy year but if I look through the weeds, this Thanksgiving I am grateful for forcing me smell the flowers every day of the week.

Happy Thanksgiving!