Socially Conscious Companies

Hunger is a huge problem in this country and unfortunately getting worse.

A few years ago there were a bunch of people who launched companies where you could either sell or share the excess food that you had made for a meal. Conceptually a good idea. The issues came down to safety. The FDA is just not down with people cooking in their kitchens to sell food. I get that.

During Covid refrigerators have been cropping up around Brooklyn and other cities to put your leftovers in for people in the neighborhood. Great for community and for those in need.

I have seen more than a handful of entrepreneurs building businesses with hundreds of home cooks in marketplaces where they distribute their food. There are also online food pantries with donation business models.

What I find the most interesting about these businesses which have in the past been non-profit businesses is that entrepreneurs are trying to create social good while still making a profit.

I have written about my frustrations with the non-profit business models, yes they are businesses, but I wonder if we will see more of these old ideas being build into profit models instead.

Non-profits in the US are mostly supported by private funding. To people from other countries, it is hard for them to wrap their arms around because it is their Government who usually supports the goodwill.

There needs to be a balance but I am still not sure I want to buy something and have it delivered from a random kitchen from a home cook that has not been given the “okay” by the FDA.