Future Homes, Cities, Neighborhoods

We have all spent a ridiculous amount of time these past 10 months in our homes. We have created small communities for ourselves due to the pandemic. Our cities have struggled. Many have picked up and made moves to the suburbs or exurbs. How will all of these changes look when we get our get out of jail card?

The open homes don’t work so well during a pandemic. People need separation. Will architects start to think differently about how we live. A dedicated home office will become essential. Outdoor space is much needed just to breathe. Will the open kitchen, dining room, living room become more essential as a place where we all congregate? Will our bedrooms become places where we can retreat to for more than just sleeping? Have our homes become outdated in a year?

Neighborhoods can be anywhere, rural or urban; it doesn’t matter. In cities, there are thousands of neighborhoods. Communities are connected around those neighborhoods and Main street. Ecommerce is great, but there are certain things that you need to do and have an interaction with another human, like getting your shoes repaired. I don’t see myself sending that overnight to someone to get repaired, and then they send it back when the shoes are fixed. Although I am sure, someone tried to start a company around it. The numbers don’t work as many of the gig economy businesses we enjoy. Don’t fret; they will all be held afloat with public markets for quite a while.

We have an opportunity to rebuild our cities and neighborhoods which in turn create communities. We have changed our behavior during the past year. People can work from home and don’t need to be in the city all the time or even live there. Can’t say that for myself but I get it. What is the key to making suburban life better? Stores, restaurants, access to more art and culture…what?

Almost every other aspect of our lives has been propelled into the 21st century from the pandemic forcing us to use technological advancements that has not only helped our businesses but have filled the void for the needs of our society. The way we live has changed. We should all asking ourselves what is it we want from our homes, cities, and neighborhoods.