City Life…and good sightings

Every film that shows city life, be it 1960 or 2010, makes me ache for city life. Someone asked me, what would you be doing if you weren’t locked down in a pandemic? Where do I begin?

We’d probably be in LA right now. What I miss, as everyone does, is going out with friends and acquaintances. We are always meeting new people, but that has ceased for the time being. Going out for dinner, for a drink, going to the theater, going to a museum, going to galleries, going shopping, and most of all, just feeling free.

One of the fun things about living in cities is the random sightings. C’mon, everyone loves a good sighting! My sister-in-law is the Queen of good sightings. I thought I’d share some fun sightings we have had over the years.

We were in Barneys (obviously in the good old days) with Josh in the men’s department. The elevator opened, and there was Ben Affleck with a salesperson. They were the only two in the elevator. He walked out right past us. A seriously handsome human.

Crossing the light on 72nd Street on the West Side. Why I was there, I have no idea, and it was super cold out. Ruth Gordon walked right by me, wrapped in a long puffy coat with the hood tied up around her face. She looked like she was on a mission. Seeing her took my breath away. I mean, Where’s Poppa? is a classic.

Having lunch uptown at a club, someone had invited me to. Very stuffy stuff. The room was basically empty, but our table sat next to Brooke Astor. New York royalty.

Walking on a path through Central Park with Fred at dusk. Yoko Ono and her friend walk past us. It was just the four of us. I felt like time stopped.

Eating at Oceana sitting across from Jessica Tandy and Hume Cronyn.

Walking down Broadway towards Union Square, seeing DVF jump out of a car (that waited for her) running into Patagonia to run an errand.

I am sure there are others but those come to top of mind. I so miss pre-pandemic city life. Have you had any good sightings?