Enough is Enough

This past week I watched a film made in 1999 called Office Space. It showed the bad representation of the ’80s and ’90s office situation. Certainly brought me back in time. It also made me wonder why women put up with that shit for so long.

After graduating from an all-women school with zero understanding of how political and corporate America is, I got a rude awakening pretty quickly. Male-dominated workplaces where too many women capitulated. It really just pissed me off. I always demanded a seat at the table, even when I knew that I wasn’t quite ready to get one.

Certainly, things have changed, but not across all sectors. We have got to do better. A friend of mine is looking at camps for her kids. One of the websites actually calls the counselors “camp moms.” That goes for boys and girls campers. Obviously, they did not receive the “woke” memo. But seriously?

Perhaps it is time for a new sex education curriculum. Just build on the one that is now taught. Discuss how relationships work vs. this is how you have a baby. Discuss no means no. Discuss appropriate behavior in an office. Discuss calling out bad behavior. And more importantly, understand the world around you and how some behavior is just inconsiderate.

The brutal murder of the young woman, Sarah Everard, in London has brought women out to the streets to protest that enough is enough. In Australia, women have taken to the streets to protest sexual assault and abuse from top people in politics. Andrew Cuomo is being called out for abuse in his office too. I believe all these people should have their day in court, yet this anger began with the “MeToo” movement.

Enough is enough for misogynist behavior and sexual abuse, but women being portrayed in certain gender roles or disrespecting people’s religions or the color of their skin. The abuse towards Asian’s happening in our streets right now is infuriating and makes me think about the mistreatment of Jews in WWII and beyond. The white male supremacy of unjust behavior has got to go. Everyone should be held accountable down to the police department. Essentially, let’s all “woke” up and move into a society where every single one of these people is held accountable in a court of law for the entire world to see.

We will see more of this anger in a post-Covid world. Women have had it, and this next generation knows perfectly well that they deserve an equal place in society at every table, every job, every voice, and in every way. Enough is enough.