Covid Caught Up

Covid finally caught up with me. My oldest daughter said this is never-ending. My friend said we were all going to get it. They might both be right.

We got out to LA last Tuesday. I wasn’t feeling myself. I started with the dry hacking cough, cold chills, and an achy body by Wednesday evening. I would have thought I got some flu in past years, but these days, I just knew what it was, Covid. The onslaught of Omi out in the world crept into my body. Where? I have no idea.

There is so much data out there it is overwhelming. Fred tested positive a few days later. He is entirely asymptomatic. Lucky him. Although the cough has started to wane, and there was a point, although brief, where I couldn’t stop sneezing like a bad cold, the exhaustion has yet to go away—a few naps in the morning and afternoon. I can’t seem to get enough.

Our friends got Covid pre-vaccinations, and they were so sick that they didn’t leave the house for a month. I figured if we get it, the week between Christmas and New Year isn’t a bad one to lay low.

I know if I did not have three vaccinations in my system, I would be seriously ill. Vaccinations are the best thing that happened to humanity. It is one of the many reasons we can all live longer. These public health initiatives have dramatically increased our life expectancy.

As my other daughter said, look on the bright side; after this is over, you can do whatever the fuck you want and not have to worry for at least a while.