A New Lens

This time every year, I begin to think about the year ahead. My head has never left the school calendar. September is a new start.

Perhaps it is age, maybe it is the moving parts of life, but these days I am looking at everything with a new lens. Taking a step back and looking from a different angle is good.

I am no longer investing. I miss the discovery, but discovery comes in all shapes and sizes. I am diving into the cannabis space. It has been a slow progression, but it appears that things are on the move. It has piqued my creative and business mind. I have met some incredible new people too. There will be a lot more on this front in the coming months.

I have been spending much time with the Fund for Public Housing. We are working on new ideas, new branding, a new name, and more engagement. We brought on a new leader, and he is fantastic. Nothing better than working with someone who has more enthusiasm than you do. Knowing the impact this organization is making on people’s lives feels good.

Doing a decent amount of travel in the months ahead. I have missed it. Nothing is a new exploration, just going back to old familiar spots with a new lens.

As always, I look forward to returning to my beloved concrete jungle, NYC. I am aware that every urban city is having a slew of issues right now, but there are still new restaurants, new museum shows, new theaters, new stores, and the incredible sound of the beat on the street. That will never change.

I read a piece in the New Yorker by Hendrik Hertzberg, who interviewed John and Yoko when they lived in the west village for a hot second. What he said is how I am feeling right now.

John said at the end of the interview, “Everywhere’s somewhere, and everywhere’s the same, really, and wherever you are is where it’s at,” he said. “But it’s more so in New York. It does have sugar on it, and I’ve got a sweet tooth.”

I love this. I always have a sweet tooth for NYC and life in general.