When Did Hateful Lies Become Freedom of Speech?

The anger that has taken over our country is frightening. Shockingly, one vile angry criminal was able to change the culture of America in four years. That is pretty much what happened in Germany before the rise of Hitler.

It doesn’t take much to look at the data, particularly in the full-on Republican states, where healthcare and education are the lowest of the low that voting for more of this is just stupid.

Have people become so self-absorbed in this country that they only care about voting with their pocketbooks? That lower taxes is a panacea?

How could anyone vote for Hershel Walker, who might have been a great football star but a full-on liar, a terrible father, and a self-absorbed unintellectual human to serve the people in the Senate? I just don’t get it. There are more where he came from, and many are running for jobs in the Government. Wouldn’t we all at least want someone with a bright mind to serve the people?

Trump fans believe he is the end all be all. He is a god-loving man who cares more about them, but it is evident that he is a self-absorbed grifter who would toss his children under the bus to save himself. He is under investigation for so many things it is getting too hard to count. He tried to take over the Government when he lost; he continues to fuel hate and anger with lies and has created an environment leading us down the road of fascism. Let’s not forget the anti-abortion stance; how a woman could vote for this is beyond my understanding.

As we go into the polls in the weeks ahead, I hope that when people go into that booth by themselves, they will do the right thing, not vote for an anti-democratic world where rhetoric outweighs reality. Otherwise, I fear America is going down a very dark path. It might get worse before it gets better.