Where are the employees?

There was a time when people worked for the same company their entire life. It was a safety net. They did their job, had healthcare, got an end-of-year bonus, were treated with respect, and had a community in their office. That world is over.

One of the reasons businesses can’t keep their employees or even hire people is there is no loyalty because there is no safety net. There is no protection. America supports businesses, not people, creating anxiety, stress, and fear.

Healthcare is absurdly expensive, and navigating the system is painful and frustrating. Guns are killing people, but we cannot pass strict gun laws, again backing companies vs. people. Policies favor the banks, not the people. Our public education system has been obliterated through non-teacher unions. American laws do not support their citizens but corporations.

This is causing a more significant divide every single day. It is also causing a toll on the culture of our country. The voice at the table is not the citizen.

People can’t make enough money to support themselves and their families without worrying that some tragedy will befall them that they can’t afford. There is no loyalty to the workplace when the workplace does not commit to the employee.

I have thought a lot about this. This is one of the many reasons at Gotham, we will be giving healthcare to every employee, and they do not have to pay a portion of their paychecks towards that. Everyone will share in the profits, so we operate as a unit. I want people to be excited to come to work every day, knowing we have their backs.

We need to make Americans safe and feel safe. We need to ensure that people can afford a roof over their heads based on their salary, and healthcare is just expected, not a gift. We need to protect our citizens from guns with strict laws. Employees aren’t committed to the workplace because the workplace isn’t committed to them. Something has to change.