As one year closes and another begins, my mind wanders to the future. I am not one for “resolutions,” but I like to think about the year ahead.

This past year has not been easy, especially for many businesses, particularly those in the start-up sector. The inflated expectations, including the absurd amount of cash, tossed around, seem like it is waning. Some will make it through to the other side of the economic storm, while others will sink. It had to happen, and like all good things, they never last forever.

I have dipped from the start-up investing world in the past few years, although I keep my ear to the ground. I have spent the last few years concentrating on the cannabis sector, which operates like the wild wild west. We hope to open our dispensary on 4/20/23.

The last fifteen years have been an incredible training ground for building my own business. The thrill of the start-up never ceases to get me going. We are building a brand, a concept, a team, products, retail, e-commerce, delivery, and just a few other things.

There are other things that I am working on, but more than likely, the biggest thing for me, will be the opening of Gotham. I have attempted to chill the last week, but we are hitting the ground running at full speed from now until opening.

This year should prove to be interesting. The pandemic hit all of our psyches in different ways. I saw a great post that said, “every year, you resolve to change yourself; this year, resolve to be yourself.”

I like this. I will be more in tune with myself this year, more connected to my emotions and how things affect me, how I want to operate in the world vs. how I think I should operate in the world. Onward.