Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R) suggested that “the strength of the new marijuana” could be a factor behind recent mass shootings. Yet, Israel has marijuana for everything. They figured out how to use this plant over the past 50 years, where we have people like Newt Gingrich making up lies. 

This is why we are where we are with cannabis; Government officials have used it as a scare tactic for others to believe that the drug is the worst. Why do we ignore the truth?

A new study using Drug Enforcement Administration data shows that marijuana legalization is tied to reduced opioid prescriptions—specifically, a “26 percent reduction in retail pharmacy-based codeine distribution” in legal cannabis states.

And then there is this; San Francisco, California police often claim they smell marijuana to justify searches of Black people, even though it is legal, an analysis shows.  

65% of US citizens believe that cannabis should be legal.  The cat is out of the bag; it appears across the globe, as Cookies just opened in Bangkok this past week. 

It is time for the Federal Government to pass the legalization of cannabis. The longer they wait, the more difficult it becomes to create a burgeoning industry because the taxation is insanely egregious at the Federal level.

Perhaps once, just once, we could do something right.