We Love NY

My friends took a look at what was happening in NYC during Covid and decided to create We Love NYC. Those passionate about this town want to celebrate, enjoy, and ensure this city is always at its best. What works the best is collective action.

It was a simple idea. Let’s gather all our neighbors and share a meal on our street. Maryam shared the concept on Nextdoor, and over 300 people responded. Their first event was the longest table. She provided the chairs and tables; everyone else just brought what they wanted, from food to wine.

Fred and I showed up and met the most exciting group of humans. Of course, there was music, kids’ events, and other activities, but sitting outside and chatting with random neighbors was incredible. We just loved it.

This campaign connected with The Partnership for New York City, a nonprofit organization of business leaders, to provide the initial funding for the campaign and invited all who love the city and are committed to supporting our beloved concrete jungle to become partners and contribute to this vital effort.

There has been a lot of brouhaha over the newfound logo vs. the big apple of the 1970s, but let’s ignore the nonsense. NYers love to chime in, and I respect that, but what they are doing is much needed. Collective action on all our parts keeps this city alive, and there are countless ways to get involved or create your own thing.

Check out the site, sign up, follow them on Instagram, and get involved! Personally, I am loving the posters that people are submitting.