Random Questions

In the past week, I have been dealing with bank signatures. Dealing with banks is never fun. I am convinced they are all still operating on back-end systems built forty years ago. Considering how much money the banks have made in the past forty years, it is truly amazing.

This week, I had the “good” fortune of talking to the IT people. I also got the surveys they make you fill out to see if you are legit. If you have any privacy concerns, it is evident that there is none with the questions asked.

The questions run the gamut from asking about six addresses that you might have lived at in your life, people you know, and random things, but the most annoying question is what car you have essentially owned in your life.

Here is what I know about cars, they get me from one location to another. Sure, I have had some fun cars over the years. In high school, I had a completely falling apart 1961 Mustang convertible and our Honda mini-van when the kids were young. Yes, I loved my mini-van.

But ask me if I have any idea what year, what the “brand” name was of the car, I have zero idea. There are few women that I know who know cars. When I took Fred’s Rivian for a spin to get something, I chuckled to myself about how many men wanted to talk about the car or even noticed the car.

I do not want to be judgemental, but I find those questions masculine. I asked everyone in the Gotham office, and our conclusion was a rousing yes. My suggestion to the banks is that if they ever consider building their software, they might want to consider rethinking the questions they ask about our past, which are ones that any of us could quickly answer.