Years ago, I had a steel Lego block made the size of your hand that I gave to Fred that says on the side, “because we love to build things.” It defines us in many ways.

I am in the midst of building a business, Gotham and Gotham Goods, and I am having the best time. As with all start-ups, we have had some adjustments, such as upgrading my status from Founder to CEO. I have run and built other people’s businesses, but this opportunity capitalizes on everything I have learned and continue to learn.

All of this has made me reflect on where I am. There was a time a few years ago when I told myself I needed to do more of this or less of that. Spend more time being leisurely. After all these years, these small notes to self would suddenly be heard like a New Year’s resolution. You want to be something, but perhaps that is not who you are, so most don’t follow through. You must want to change, and I would prefer to become more self-aware.

Perhaps something about being in your 60s makes you more self-aware and accepting of yourself and others. What I am realizing is that I am very happy building.