We went to the second in the Spiderman series. The first one we really liked. The computer image graphics are amazing, and the storyline is just an updated original Spiderman. The second movie, Across the Spider-Verse. The imaging is incredible, and the film is quite long. I found myself getting frustrated with the storyline. So after 45 minutes, we dipped.

When our kids were younger and living under our roof, we learned so much about their generation. We still continue to work hard at listening and adapting. I pay attention to a new generation of kids, mostly younger vs teenagers. Just the age of our friend’s kids. We can all read and acknowledge each generation but sitting down with them is another ball game.

About a week ago, I had dinner at my sister’s house with our nieces, early 20s, and my sister’s friends’ kids in 7th and 10th grade. I asked them if they saw the new Spiderman and what they thought. They loved it. They asked me, and I noted a few things in the narrative that I had difficulty believing. It was about how kids talked about their emotions and feelings to each other at the band club.

They schooled me. They said that is how they are too. I can’t stop thinking about that conversation. It certainly speaks volumes about how they see the world. It confirms a big disconnect between the political nonsense in this country.

Note to self. Spend more time talking with pre-teens and teenagers.