Last week, we had our first Found board meeting. It was quite civilized. We had all the numbers the day before we talked and dined at Il Buco Alimentari about where Found is now and where it is going.

This is the third company the four of us have worked on together. I have consistently been an investor. The first board was Curbed Media, where Lock and Josh spent all their time; Brad and I were investors and board members. The second was Inman, a company Brad started and had all of us come on to his board, eventually bringing in Lock and Josh to oversee the place. Although I had no investment in Inman, I acted like an investor. Found was started by Josh and Lock, and Brad and I are investors and sit on the board. Curbed and Inman were both wins for all of us.

The conversations at the board meeting felt like no time had passed, just our age and, of course, Found is new content. We all fell into our roles as we asked questions and discussed where things are now and where things are going. For instance, FoundLA is coming soon.

Something about being part of these three people’s lives since 2007 in many different ways feels insanely good. I have been working on Gotham and the Public Housing Community Fund, and a few other things, but adding the Found board to my brain, engaging with these three people around the content we all enjoy, and media businesses we like building fuels my recall for the early days of investing.

I will never go back to angel investing as I did for over a decade, but the gift of sitting on a board like Found is something I will never stop doing.